Foals - Cafe D'Athens [Official Video]

  • “Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1” is out now:
    Foals - Cafe D'Athens
    Made by Adult Art Club
    Dir - Jonny Costello / Charlotte Audrey
    Editor Callum Barnes
    Fan footage by Kit Monteith
    Connect with Foals:
    you see through me in time
    & i ride white horses on hills,
    i long for you
    all through bleeding June
    will i reach silent seas?
    i wait on the white hills
    in ropes that unwind.
    so what does life loan you again?
    a Long time..
    salt-eyed starless nights
    time loans you again. give me one more, one more time.
    Time incoming, life becoming,
    I'm coming in, time incoming, ropes unwinding.
    when i wait, time's incoming, life be coming in,
    life becoming, time's incoming, ropes unwinding.

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